Alone Forever Without You


People should not be afraid of their governments. governments should be afraid of their PEOPLE!!!
Today - We- Ukrainians mourn.
Please, help us! We need your support and actions.
Our Government kills us!

Imperialist selfies in Kiev

We’re on the ground in Kiev live streaming the Ukrainian revolt. Watch

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Kiev Ukraine 2014

Ukrainian refugee children feed their little sister at a kindergarten in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.

“The world is falling apart little by little. Now only time will complete its destruction.”

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America wants to get to the South-East of Ukraine shale gas and oil? As always, thousands killed for resources …

Ukraine’s ‘Corridor of Death’: Nazis open fire on refugees from Lugansk
Two days ago, the President of Ukraine announced the opening of a “humanitarian corridor” for the beleaguered residents of Lugansk. On July 30, his uniformed killers turned it into death row.
Moreover, these monsters in their press said that they did not shoot, blaming the people’s militias. The tragedy happened this morning, when a punitive detachment shot people who decided to leave Lugansk through so-called “humanitarian corridor” route “Lugansk-Metalist Happiness.” There was no happiness for people today who believed once again in the nobility of their authorities.
As it became known, local citizens went out of town in private mini-buses and cars. But they could not get to the destination, as the Nazis opened fire on automobiles at a roadblock near Stukalova. At this hour, we do not even know who survived the massacre, as the junta is trying to carefully hide their own crimes

But it is known that the victims were many. Reported: the killers decided to punish refugees because they were traveling in a bus and car without white flags. 
The People’s Army of Lugansk asks all citizens of the city to not believe the junta when it unilaterally opens “humanitarian corridors.”